Powerful Home Remedy can Improve Memory and BrainPower. It’s better than costly supplements. Actually, this Powerful Home Remedy can Turn your EYES & BRAIN into Computer. I was making it for my child, and then I thought it would be great to share it with you. I’m sure you have heard about it, But you don’t know its actual benefits. The organs are directly hit by this Remedy “Right on Target.”
You do not know the benefits of Homemade Remedies “Desi” and organic things.

So, let’s start to make the Shaktiyon Wala Safoof (Powerful Powder). You’re seeing 5 bowls in Olympic logo shape have those are organic ingredients, you have to purchase them with the same weight.
2 or 3 more things will be added except these.

Image Credit; Memoona Muslima

Roasted Yellow Peas

First of all, we need roasted yellow Peas it’s also known as horse food, that’s why it is the most powerful thing for the human body. Also known as a substitute for meat.
If I started to elaborate on its benefits shortly, this article is not enough to explain its benefits. Daily use of roasted yellow peas controls your blood sugar and cholesterol.
Students should keep them in their pockets every time. Roasted yellow Peas boost and improve memory and brainpower & eyesight. If you have fresh roasted yellow peas, these have a great taste.


Fennel seeds in a bowl on a wooden table

The second ingredient is fennel good for digestion effective in belly pain & gas trouble, whether make coffee or take with tea or boil in milk and drink it.
As a result of great digestion, the people sitting near you will have to use a face mask, or spray some perfume; you know what I mean.
Fennel also has the best impact on weak eyesight.


The third ingredient is almonds. All things will be used the same in weight.
Almonds are slighty costly ingredient, But it has so many benefits.

Memory Boost: For memory loss, it’s a miracle: you can’t imagine how beneficial is this to improve Memory.

Hairfall: The people who have hair fall and weak hair problems. Take 10 pieces of almond and soak them in the water at night and eat them empty stomach early in the morning.
You will not lose a single hair.
Use this remedy for a month, Don’t miss even a single day. I can bet on this because this reduces brain weakness, which is the main reason for hair loss.

Eyesight: It has tremendous benefits for the eyes; it has shaped just like the human eye, which is a unique sign by mother nature.

Mixed Melon Seed

White melon seeds

The next ingredient is mixed melon seeds (Char Maghaz).
It’s delicious. These are seeds of melon, watermelon, cucumber and gourd, which are mixed after deriving.
These are also used in remedies and herbal products, it works like a rocket for brain and 100% tested.


The following ingredient is Raisins (it is optional). It’s just for good taste.

Black Pepper Powder

Black pepper powder, again it’s very beneficial for the brain and eyesight. It is also great for bones and joints.
It is recommended to use it with every meal; (it is also optional).

Rock Sugar

The next ingredient has various names; crystal sugar, Rock Candy, Rock Sugar or Natural Sugar. It Has a unique taste full of sweetness without chemicals.
One most important thing. It is rich in vitamin B12.


Now you have to follow a simple grinding process, grind all things and give them a powder shape.

Now take an empty bowl and pour all things in it one by one;

  1. Roasted Yellow Peas Powder
  2. Fennel Powder
  3. Almond Powder
  4. Mixed Melon Seeds Powder (Char Maghaz)
  5. Rock Sugar (as desired)
  6. Black Pepper (optional)
  7. Raisins (optional)

Mix it well and then store it in a safe airtight jar. We can keep it fresh for a month or so.


Take 2 to 3 spoons with milk or chew it, use it in the day time or before going to bed (as desired)


Improve Memory: It’s best for your whole family, male & female, who spend lots of time on computers or mobiles or doing studies or doing any brain works, this is the best thing for them, it can boost and improve Memory and brain power.
Great for Eyesight: This is great natural source for eye sights, this can also helps in night blindness.

Cost: It costs just around $3.50. Some more things are optional, like honey.
This We regularly use it in our home, it’s not costly, you know there is nothing better than health.

Source: Memoona Muslima