There are lots of people who are underweight and being underweight is so awkward. Everyone wants a beautiful, well-built body with average weight. So here are 10 Powerful Tips which help you to gain weight.

In this article, 10 powerful tips explained how you could gain weight (5 KGs) within a month.
Whether you are underweight or want to gain weight to build muscle, you need a healthy way to put on weight, particularly if your goal is to gain approximately 5kg weight within one month.
Weight gain occurs when you regularly consume more calories than you usually burn. The intake of calories to accomplish the goal of putting on weight will be different for different body constitutions.
Here are the 10 Powerful tips that can help you to gain approximately 5kg within a month:

Serve Lots of Protein

Protein is one of the most powerful nutrients which help you to gain weight fastly and healthily.
Protein will make the muscles grow and make healthy mass. Other than protein, all calories will end up as body fat.

High-protein foods including eggs, meats, fish, dairy products, nuts legumes. etc.
Protein supplements like Whey Protein and Mass Gainer can also be useful if you struggle to get enough protein in your diet plan.

Keep Track of Calorie Intake

If you want to gain 5kg weight within one month, you need to consume more than 1000 calories daily. It is helpful to keep track of your calorie intake to adjust your diet at a good pace.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise? Surprise? Right! Yes, it would be best if you had a workout to lose weight and gain weight. If you want to gain weight healthily, you will need to exercise to keep a good shape.
A person needs exercise to build muscle. For instance, weight training helps in gaining lean muscle.
Gaining weight without proper planning and exercise can lead to diseases and the risk of the body going out of shape. Nonetheless, people who exercise daily need to be mindful of their calorie intake to avoid a lack of calories to gain weight.

Foods to Take

People who are struggling to put on weight gain should be careful of their food. Increase your calorie intake by eating more than three meals a day. Do you like ice cream?
Do you crave a delicious cake?
Then sugar is one of your ways to gain weight.
However, too much intake of sugar increases the risk of developing diabetes. You need to consider your body constitution, type, appetite, and proper planning for consuming sugar without risking your health. Besides sugar, you need the appropriate amount of protein for your goal.

Protein helps in growth, and so it will support your muscle growth. Fats are necessary for gaining weight. However, some fats are healthful while some are unhealthful. Healthy fats are found in nuts, vegetable oils, fish. On the other hand, fried and baked food and fatty meats contain unhealthy fats.
Limit the consumption of unhealthy fats.

Drinks to take

Drink high-calorie shakes to gain weight. These drinks are rich sources of calories, and drinking these shakes is an excellent way for people who have either a small appetite or drink different juices and shakes.
Furthermore, don’t drink water before a meal as it can make your stomach full, keeping many calories away from you.

No Oversleeping

Proper sleep is necessary for healthily gaining weight. Too much sleep will kill your appetite; proper sleep will increase your appetite for food. Remember not to go for poor sleeping as it will cause sleep deprivation and other health problems.

Be Happy

Stress and worries can be enemies for some people’s appetite. Train yourself to keep stressful thoughts out of your mind. Do not make yourself worry about little things. So, always be happy!


Proper rest is necessary for your goal to put on weight, especially when aiming for 5kg weight gain within a month. Too much body movements and exercises can keep you from your target. So, do take too much rest.

No Smoking

Smoking leads to weight loss by decreasing caloric absorption as a consequence of the reduction in appetite. “Smoking is, also, injurious to health”. So, avoid smoking for a healthy lifestyle.

Do not Admit Defeat

Do not give up on your goal of achieving 5kg weight within one month. Resilience and determination are some of the keys to your success.