One of the most common habits of successful people is reading, unusual people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates … spend a lot of time reading, they know that if they want to get better results. they need to read and learn. However, reading is not the same as learning.

You can read a hundred books, but if you do this by reading and finishing a book, you will never understand it. This is what this article is all about: Learn 10 Tips to Get The Most Out Of Your Reading Experience

Most people know that reading is good. They understand that they need to read in order to better understand and learn in order to live better and be more successful.

The problem is that most people cannot read books. All they do is take a book and read it. After reading the book, they return to their old life, and nothing has changed. If you really want to make a positive impact on reading, you need to learn how to get the most out of it.

10 Powerful Tips to Get The Most Out Of Your Reading Experience

1: Define Your Reading Goals

Before you start reading, it is important to define your purpose: why do you want to read the book? You want to know your goals because when you have a task, you should expect some action or improvement after reading the book. It’s like planning.

Your plan may not work, but it’s not the plan that matters, but the plan. It is a planning process that allows you to anticipate problems and better manage expectations. It’s the same with reading books.

When you know the purpose of reading a book, you are guided by what to look for when reading. It gives you a sense of mission. Then your mind will work like Google and look for solutions in the book as you read it.

2: Stop and Think

You don’t want to read every word, you want to stop and reflect on what you have read. If you just read word for word, page by page, you won’t learn much from your reading.
The key to becoming better is to admit your weaknesses.
First, you cannot have a solution without a problem.

Therefore, you need to stop and reflect on the information in the book along with your life in order to understand how these ideas can be applied to you.
In different periods of life, everything will be different. For example, when you are in your twenties, reading books about business and finance can be very relevant to you, and you will be more inspired by reading these books about success.

But when you’re sixty, reading books on how to find peace and harmony in your life can better connect you to yourself. This is why you need to stop, reflect and reflect on what you have read and try to relate it to your life.

3: Take Notes and Jot Down Ideas

How to get the most out of reading? The simple answer is to take notes and jot down ideas that interest you. Don’t skim the book, take notes, and write down what inspires you.

Therefore, always prepare yourself with papers, notebooks and pens. I have a special notebook in which I write down ideas that I have learned from reading. And from time to time I go over the notes I made, and sometimes I can draw new inspiration from what I have written.

Remember, your job is NOT to read the book so you can put it down and read other books, but to get the most out of what you read. , take time to jot down and jot down ideas that inspire you.

4: Reread the books that interest you

Who said you need to read a different book every time? You can always reread the books you are interested in. I have read many of my books. For example, I love the practicality and inspiration of Harv Ecker’s Secrets of the Mind of a Millionaire. I have read the book at least 5 times.
This is because it is a quick read and many practical steps that I can take right in my life. I love this book and I recommend that you read it.

Did you know that Warren Buffett read Benjamin Graham’s book The Intelligent Investors from cover to cover several times because it inspired his investment philosophy? So don’t read the book at least once. When you find a book interesting, you can reread it several times to really understand the ideas it contains.

Plus, reading the same book at different times can give you a different perspective.

5: Take Exercises and next steps

Some books not only about letters but also about charts, exercises and practical steps are prepared for you. Make them. Do the exercises as advised by the author.

If you don’t keep working on the book, you will spend a lot of time and energy just reading the book. Several books cover many practical ideas that you can implement in your business and life.

You want to get up and run. You will learn more by bringing an idea to life by reading a book because it has a positive impact on your life. There is no point in reading 200 books and doing nothing to change your life

6: Sharing is Caring

A great way to get the most out of your reading is to share what you have learned.

  • Here is a good quote from Confucius:

We tend to forget what we read, after all, there is a lot that needs our attention, so simply reading is the least effective way to ensure that what you learn stays with you.
Share ideas with others.

If you want to start a group to share what you’ve learned from the book, go ahead. It will be a success. But if you don’t want to, just share the idea with your friends or partner. You may accidentally mention ideas that you discovered in the book while talking with your friends.

When you share them, you tend to understand the ideas better.

7: Quickly Recap What You Read

Another good way to retain information and knowledge you have learned is to quickly recap what you read. There are many ways to do this.

Can do it. a summary for each chapter, section, or entire book. The best way is to write a summary of what you learned after reading the chapter, and create a summary for the entire book after you’ve finished reading.

About whether what you write is wrong because there is no right or wrong, only what you learn from the book, so do it.

8: Set Goals to Realize What You Have Learnt From The Book

Make a plan and work on it. You will learn a thing or two from the book, and the best way to get the most out of it is to turn an idea into a goal and make it happen.

When I read the book Fastlane Millionaire, I realized that if I want to be financially successful, I need to act from the perspective of the manufacturer, not the perspective of the consumer. So my goal was to change what I do in my career and become a producer, not a consumer.

This is how the books I read can positively affect my life. No matter how many goals you set, or how big or small your goals are, you should have at least one goal from the book.
This will ensure that you expand and extract something from every book you read.

9: Read 2 Books at The Same Time

I find that reading 2 books at the same time inspires me more. I am currently reading Content Inc. Joe Pulizzi and The Art of Work by Jeff Goins. Both are excellent books.

I read Content Inc. during the day when I could write notes and complete the tasks that the book gave me. As for The Art of Work, I read it before bed, where I just read it for inspiration. I find reading two books at the same time is the best choice for me when I am a little tired and just want to read something for fun and inspiration,

I read a book to relax, and in this case that is. The art of work. Motivated and at my desk, I love to read something practical to bring ideas to life in my work and career, which is why I read books like Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi.

Try this method if you like. But you need to understand one thing – don’t divide yourself too much. Reading 2 books at the same time is fine, but reading 3 or 5 books at a time will only make things worse. hard to concentrate, then read books one by one.

10: Activity and Realization

No matter what books you read, if you do nothing or make any changes, nothing will happen in your life. just a form of latent power.

The real power is in performance. You want to take action and implement the ideas you already have. You don’t want to read just to read.

Yes, it is true that reading is important and useful, but only reading. It cannot change your life. If you want to be successful, you have to do something. To achieve real results in life, you need to act and fulfill.