What kind of people should not just avoid but stay away from? If you don’t prevent them, you won’t succeed in your life.
It is not possible if you never face these toxic people; surely you will encounter these kinds of people.

The best man is who, who avoids or stay away from bad peoples.

Here are the 10 kinds of toxic people you should stay away from if you want to succeed.

1: Slackers

The person you never put his effort in any work or avoid, always see the work to be done itself, you surely faced these kinds of people. You really should stay away from this kind of people.

The best and popular book of Timothy Ferriss (The 4 Hour Work Week), In their book, they said, “You are the product of the 5 People you Spent most time with”.
It means when you spend most of the time with those 5 people you will become like them.

2: The Leach

The bloodsucker, the energy sucker.
These kinds of people suck your energy, your power and your potential.

They are like parasites that can’t produce themselves and eat the others that produce.

They can’t do anything themselves and use your energy, power and potential.

You should stay away from this kind of people.

3: The manipulators

They are like a friend and act like real friends who use you for their benefits and gains, and in reality, they are not your friends, they use you for their purposes.

You should stay away from this kind of people.

4: The Envious

They are the people who always feel or show envy, resentful desire, jealousy and Hostility.

This habit is nasty also we have been forbidden by this act religiously
They make you like themselves and waste your time.

You should probably stay away from these kinds of people.

5: The Victims

There are a lot of people around us who look like innocent; they have been mistreated and injusticed by others, and now they are very disturbed.

Now they are already to blame anything or anyone, and they are like they always blame others without proper reasons.

For example:
Someone’s car is defective, and going anywhere by road by the middle of the journey the car stopped, now he is blaming the road that road is not good, etc.
But in reality, the car has a fault and defect.

You should avoid this kind of people.

6: The Narcissist

A person who has an inflated sense of their own importance, an excessive interest in and admiration of themselves, a deep need for excessive attention and a lack of empathy for others.

Behind this mask of absolute trust and confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, which is susceptible to the slightest faultfinding.

You sure to stay away from this kind of people.

7: The Liar

We all probably face liars among our friends, relatives, schoolmates, colleagues even our own siblings.

Some of them maybe tell a lie because of the outcome or fear they will face after telling the truth.

But some habitual or professional people of a lie can’t live without telling a lie, and they always lie; they have never said a full truth.

You should make sure to stay away from this kind of people.

8: The Temperamental

This type of people can be very unbeneficial and even may worse your life.

These can be known for their aggression, waspish tongue, or being immoral.
You should stay away from this kind of people.

9: The Dementors

The guilty are those who commit a lot of sins, guilt and bad things, but they never feel guilty or culpable of doing bad things.

If you spend time with those, you will definitely be like them.
What does not become a flower becomes a thorn.

10: The Greedy

When you meet a greedy person, you need to be careful. Although there is nothing wrong with ambition and desires, greed is another level. It becomes the only centre of a person’s life and is often hurt. Greedy people always want more.

Nothing is enough for them. And it isn’t easy to approach such a person.

Sahih Al Bukhari

Sahih al-Bukhari 6439