If you are a computer user and want to be a master of the computer with keyboard shortcut keys, then you are at the right place.
Here you will find out some tips and tricks of the computer.
In this article, you will see 10 Windows keyboard shortcuts that will make you a master of computer and will make your workflow much faster than ever. These keyboard shortcuts will also save you a lot of time.

That’s why it’s essential to practice as many keyboard shortcuts as you can. Try some keyboard shortcuts multiple times in a day, and you’ll find out just how useful it can be.
Here are Top 10 most vital keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Windows computer.


It doesn’t matter what program you’re running; if you want to undo or want to roll back your last action, whether you’ve just overwritten an entire paragraph in Microsoft Word or deleted a file you didn’t mean to, this keyboard shortcut can be one of the perfect lifesavers.
Shortcut key for undo: Ctrl+Z


Another keyboard shortcut key that works just about every time; this keyboard shortcut will close down whatever you’re viewing. For example, To Shut or close File Explorer, browser tab or opened image file.
Shortcut key to close anything: Ctrl+W

Take Screenshot

No need to use any software or open a dedicated screenshot tool to capture a screenshot: This keyboard shortcut will grab the whole screen and saves it as a PNG file format in a Screenshots folder inside your Pictures folder; you may paste it to any document.
Shortcut Key To take a Screenshot: Win+PrtScn

Select All

This shortcut key lets you highlight and select all the text in a document or select all the files in a folder. Using the shortcut key can save you much time; you’d otherwise do the clicking and dragging your mouse to select all the files or text.
Shortcut Key To Select All: Ctrl+A

Switch Programs

This shortcut key is one of the classic Windows shortcut keys, and it can be very beneficial when you are running multiple programs simultaneously and switch the programs very frequently. Bu using this shortcut key, you will quickly switch from one another program instantly. If you hold this shortcut key, you will see all running programs and choose which one to open.
Shortcut Key To Switch Programs: Alt+Tab

Minimize All Programs at Once

This keyboard shortcut key combo minimizes all your open windows, bringing your home desktop screen into view. If you are running many programs and many tabs and suddenly you willing to go to the home screen, then you may had used by hiding the programs and tabs one by one but not more; by using this keyboard shortcut key, you will jump into the home screen instantly.
Shortcut Key To Minimize all programs at once: Win+D


This key will refresh a web page on any browser, any folder or the desktop home screen. It can be helpful to see the current or updated version of any web page, files or folders.
Shortcut key for Refresh: F5


This shortcut key will help you to copy any file, text or folder directly.
By using this shortcut key, the specific thing will be copied to the clipboard; it will be easier to be paste.
Shortcut key for Copy: Ctrl+C


With the previous shortcut key, you learned how to copy anything; now it’s time to paste anything instantly.
By using this shortcut key, the specific copies thing will be pasted.
Shortcut key for Paste: Ctrl+V


You learned how to copy and paste anything; now it’s time to cut anything. What if you want to cut any file, folder or text? This shortcut key will help and save you much time.
Shortcut key for Cut: Crtl+X