Strict lockdowns and travel restrictions around the world during the global epidemic.
The idea of ​​traveling the world while sitting at home through Virtual Reality (VR) Reality has changed.
With new technology apps and improved hardware support, Virtual Reality is available to the general public.

Through this technology, anyone can travel and experience the beautiful valleys of the world, dense forests and many other places or enjoy a street ride in a racing car while sitting at home.

According to the AFP news agency, though Technology lacks data, developers working on it or
Software engineers are showing particular interest during the global epidemic.

“Audience pressure is mounting on our platform,” Cesarea Vanderm, who developed a platform called Alcove VR at one such state-of-the-art laboratory AARP Innovation Labs, told AFP. We are getting customers every month.

Virtual Reality software Alcove VR allows people to explore the beaches of Australia or Malta from the comfort of their own homes. Going outing experience can also be done in this software.
Some people can take their family with them. You do not need to have much technical skills or knowledge to use this software.

According to the ware developer, many consumers receive information that they are buying this Alcove headset for their elderly family. Her family feels the experience of traveling together.
Other than that, experiments can also be done, such as playing chess with someone sitting on the other side of the world.

While the tourism industry has been hit hard by the global epidemic, virtual reality has emerged as an alternative to real-life travel. In this regard, software developers have created a variety of travel experiences.

These include the Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal, the Czar of Kenya, and Antarctica’s ice, and there are many other experiences, including swimming in the river.

According to AFP, users are buying hardware from Facebook, Sony PlayStation or Google Cardboard. Cheap Birdware can be purchased for less than $300

Rafael Cortez, one such San Antonio user, said: “I have traveled to my comfortable home every week during the plague. I’ve been to London, I’ve been to China, I’ve been to Venezuela, I’ve been to Jordan, and I’ve been to New York by helicopter.

Ralph Hollister, an analyst at Global, says the sector is benefiting from the global epidemic but will continue to be popular. According to him, there is enough at home, as well as people who are fond of traveling, are attracted to virtual reality. This makes travel less noticeable during the epidemic.