We often say I will do the work later today, later tomorrow, I will do it sometime when I get free, or you are like, uh… Not now; well, that “will” and “not now” will become never.

So delaying work, pushing work, slacking, running away from work, or just facing work when you have no option, when it’s just unavoidable, well, that’s procrastination.

So do you procrastinate too much?
Well, do you push things too much?
And instead spend hours watching TV, surfing on social media or listening to music?
Well, then success is quite a long way for you.

To attain your goals, you need to overcome procrastination. So how do you do that? Well, that’s what we are going to learn today.

Just Take the First step

Well, the very first step that you need to follow in order to overcome procrastination is just to take the first step. Don’t look at the whole staircase; that’s will make you very nervous.
Just go a step forward and take that first step.
Well, you know, at times when we think too far, we just end up saying to ourselves, oops, this isn’t easy and you just shut down yourself and give up.
Well, in order to achieve success, it’s essential for you to take that very first step.

Now, this changes your mental state from being resistant to saying to yourself that, oh yes, I can do it. So the moment you achieve success by taking that first step, you are more enthusiastic to take the second step. So this helps you to focus to finish or to attain your goals or to finish your tasks. So it’s essential for you to take that first step, focus, work towards it and then break the other steps to achieve success.

Eat The Frog First

The second tip that I have for you is to eat the frog first, which means start your day with the most challenging task. Now when you start your day, you have things lined up.

Specific tasks are really easy, but some tasks are so difficult and you tend to fear them because there are many responsibilities or a lot of issues linked to them. So you need to take the first step and just finish off the most challenging task at the very start of the day.

What will happen next? The other tasks will become much easier for you; you will be super energized and super enthusiastic to attain your other goals. So like I said, that eat the frog first, which means start your day by doing the most challenging task, just accomplish it, get done with it and then move to the other task.

Change Your Environment

The third tip that I have for you to overcome procrastination is to change your environment. Well, different environments have different impacts on your productivity.

So you need to have a look at your environment. Like your work desk, do you think your work desk or your workroom is way too relaxing?
A very comfortable environment will make you lazy and definitely not going to motivate you to accomplish your difficult jobs.

So change your environment, have a very positive environment, and encourage you to achieve success.

Now it is also important for you to hang out with people who inspire you.
Now, certain people come across who are so intelligent, who are so motivating and inspiring.
It’s good to have such people around you because these people motivate you. These people tend to impact you that, yes, even I should do something good to achieve success.

So change your work environment as well as start hanging out with positive people.

Don’t Wait For The Perfect Time

How many times have you delayed, delayed and delayed your assignments? Until you realize you have to submit your assignment till tonight 12 o’clock.

3rd tip that I have for you to overcome procrastination is not to wait for that perfect time. You know there are certain times when we set our goals but we just don’t take action. We’re still waiting for that perfect time.
We tend to tell ourselves that uh… It’s just not the right time. Maybe next week or maybe next month. Stop pushing your work

Well, just take that action because that perfect time is never going to come. It’s time for you to reclarify your goals. Now when we set goals for ourselves, there are times we outgrow them.

So reclarify your goals and share them with your friends, colleagues, or family members.
Now the next time these friends or family members meet you, they will ask you that, hey, how’s it going? Are you still on with your goals?
Well, that reminds you to take action and work towards your goals.

So please do not wait for that perfect time. Reclarify your goals and share them with everybody. So this brings me to the end of this session today. I hope these tips are handy to you.

So get a grip and just do it. Strategizing, planning, everything helps. But taking action is within you. So what are you waiting for?
Just stop procrastinating and do it.


Now I am not saying that I am a perfect human being; I also have some procrastination in my life. Whenever we do not like anything or are not interested in anything, we will procrastinate and delay it and delay it.
An eternal and internal sound says, you can do it later today, You can do it tomorrow. But the task or goal will never be completed.

So give yourself deadlines, like I have to complete this task within 30 days. If I couldn’t do this by the time, I could never do it.

Don’t give yourself too difficult a task like, “I have to complete the Python course within a day.” It doesn’t make sense.

 In the begging give yourself an easy task and break down your goal like I have to start from today, and I will complete at least a lesson of Python course per day.

So you will surely do it; needless to say, little by little, the progress will begin to grow you and eventually will make you successful in your goals.

This will help you to attain success and I’ll be back with a new excellent article

Source: Skillopedia