If you are wondering about some amazing secret codes of Samsung mobile, this article can be beneficial. I have explained 5 Amazing and very helpful Secret codes that you will wish you had known very earlier.

How to check mobile status and condition

*#7353#: This secret code can be very helpful and amazing.
With this code you can check the status of the phone whether everything is working fine or not, this can be very helpful when you are going to buy a used mobile phone.
You can check 12 things with this secret code.

1: Front Speaker
2: Vibration
3: Back Speaker
4: Dimming
5: Camera
6: Front Camera
7: Bluetooth
8: TSP Dot Mode
9: TSP Grid Mode
10: Accelerator Sensor
11: Proximity Sensor
12: Light Sensor

How To Check Network Status

*#0011#:  This secret code can be very helpful and amazing. With this secret code, you can see the network status information of your mobile network, such as signal strength, registration status, GSM band, etc

How To Check The Actual Battery Health and Status

*#0228#: This secret code is very useful and amazing. With this code, you can see any Samsung mobile phone’s real and actual battery status.
Including the battery voltage mentioned In (mv) millivolt, Battery Level, Level Blocks, etc.
The most amazing Magic happens when you click on (QUICK START). This will show a warning; just click on okay; the display light will turn off for about 10 seconds and will turn on itself.

Most mobile real battery percentages can be false and inaccurate, but This will rest the fuel gauge and show you the actual battery percentage.

When buying a used Samsung mobile phone, this can be very helpful.
Note: Make sure to note the before and after battery percentage.

How to check IMEI (MEID) and S/N

*#06#: This code can be very useful and this can not only on Samsung mobile phones but almost on every brand’s phone. Whether the phone is a keypad or touch screen.

This code will show you the IMEI and S/N Number of the phone.
You can try this code and note the IMEI number and the IMEI number can be helpful when your phone gets stolen, and then you can block or locate the location of the mobile phone.

How to test the functions and Hardware

*#0*#: This secret code is very useful and helpful When you plan to buy a used phone, or you can check your existing phone. You can check the functions and hardware by this code whether the functions and hardware are working properly.
Many shopkeepers use this code to check the status and condition of the mobile phone.
With this code, you can test the following functions and hardware.

1: Screen colors RGB
2: Receiver
3: Touch
4: Camera
5: Sensors
6: LED
7: Subkeys
8: TSP Hovering
9: Barcode emulator
10: Low Frequency
and many more

Source: Asad Ali TV