In this article, we’ll be guiding you through the process of How to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers. Before you begin, consider the following question: Why do you need 1,000 subscribers?

If you’re trying to make money through your YouTube channel, remember that you’ll require at least 4,000 hours of Watch Time too.

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Additionally, you must apply for The YouTube Partner Program and be accepted in it. While you’re there, YouTube will check to verify whether you’re trying to purchase subscribers or manipulate the data.

Are you looking to increase your reach by doing it the right way? Let’s start with the eight methods you can use to get 1,000 subscribers.

1. Place Your Audience First, Rather than Revenue, first.

Do you have the correct route? If your aim is to build, inspire and inform a community of more than 1,000 subscribers, then we’d say you’re.

They have uploaded more than 600 videos to the YouTube channel vidIQ, and They’ve received more than 2 million views. We’ve not read them all; however, as we’ve observed, it’s evident that the majority of creators aren’t aware of the YouTube platform.

New creators are focusing on the benefits they could get from YouTube instead of what they can provide to their viewers. However, we’ve always advised users to put aside metrics such as views as well as subscribers and Watch Time – at least for a while. Focus on what is important for your viewers.

I’m almost certain that once you shift your focus away from yourself to your customers, the channel will expand exponentially. You’ll reach 1 million subscribers prior to you realizing it.

This is because your content, your everyday interaction with your friends and family, is significantly more important than the milestones you’re trying to attain.

2. Break your 1,000-subscriber goal into smaller goals: 100 250, 500, and so on…

Although I’ve said that milestones aren’t always that crucial, especially for the people who are watching you at this moment, However, they might get tossed around in your mind. We’ll touch on this in order to improve your mental well-being. The goal of reaching 100 subscribers is among the toughest things you’ll accomplish when using YouTube. YouTube platform. This is a video that you must watch to find out more about it:

Let’s assume the time it would take you 3 months to reach 100 subscribers. After that, you’re now looking to get 1,000 subscribers. This might be an oversimplification. However, it’s unlikely to take you 30 months to reach 1,000 subscribers. Like all YouTube channels that you have, yours will get more popular with time.

You’ll want gradual increases in milestones, increasing from 100 subscribers to perhaps 250 or 250 and the next step is 500 subscribers. Then, you could aim for 750and slowly work towards 1,000.

Create a plan that is logical and keep be aware of your performance. It will feed you while you feed your followers by providing valuable content.

3. Define your Value Proposition on YouTube

What’s a value proposition? It’s simple when you can describe your service in minutes or less, and in a memorable, catchy manner. For instance, the value proposition we offer could be “YouTube Growth channel.” We could actually declare “educating your YouTube journey” that is more intimate and direct to our users.

Let me give you a few other examples.

Example 1 1. Value Proposition for a Gaming Channel Channel

Let’s suppose you have the Fortnite gaming channel. There are literally thousands of them on YouTube already and so how do you present your channel in a memorable or memorable way? It could be something such as, “Improving your gameplay performance in Fortnite.” This gives your content a focal point. Your viewers know exactly what your channel’s content is about and will remember it for a long time.

Example 2. Value Proposition for a Travel Channel

Imagine that you own the possibility of having a European traveling channel. It’s a bit general and unspecific. However, let’s say something like this: “I’m a Euro-penniless traveling nomad.” This means that you’re who travels to European countries, probably with a tight budget. And who are you likely to attract on YouTube? Young students. Then, your proposition has been refocused.

Your Value Proposition can change

Your proposition for value will not always be identical. This is fine since, no matter what you do, you’ll know the value you provide when your channel is based on the same core concept. The messages may change; however, the value associated with your posts will remain the same.

4. Double down on YouTube Content That Performs

When you are starting out and creating YouTube channels, there is nothing better than the experience. At this point, you should have uploaded some videos and a good number of views to back up your efforts and a handful of followers. What you’ve gained from this is known as social proof.

Certain videos have been able to perform better than other videos. You’ll find videos where viewers make comments and want you to make an additional video. Sometimes, they’ll have general inquiries. In any case, you could offer answers with fresh content.

My advice for you today is…

Begin to research your channel. Visit the tab for videos on the channel’s page and sort the videos by most well-known videos.

If you see positive patterns within the first five to 10 video clips, make a note of them. Develop more content, regardless of whether it’s on the same topic or video style.

Are you sure you’ve chosen the subject of your videos such as politics, gaming, sports or wrestling? If yes, you’ll need to find some sub-niches. It could be offering forecasts as well as tutorials, reaction videos or even personal tales.

When you first start with your channel on YouTube, there’s no problem with trying something new at least 80 percent all the time. However, as your channel expands and you reach the point where you’re giving your audience the content they’d like to view most all the time. When that happens, you’ll be able to experiment with the remaining 20 percent that you’re providing.

5. Find out which videos have the most subscribers

This is a simple tip Find out how to improve your YouTube channel and find out the best way to reach your audience.

To further investigate the idea, you should identify the content you have on your channels that draw in the most followers. You can then create more content that is based on the videos that have those subscribers.

This tool, vidIQ’s channel audit tool, will aid you. The column we have created will show which YouTube videos are bringing in the most viewers on YouTube. You can download the vidIQ app to make use of this tool and avoid speculation.

6. Create an engaging YouTube channel Trailer

The next step might be on your to-do list as you begin to build the YouTube platform; however, perhaps you’d like to think about making a trailer for your channel. We’ve already discussed what your channel’s value is. A channel trailer should communicate your value message in a video that is not more than 30 and 45 minutes. If you want to, take a look at the ways that successful creators have used channel trailers to present themselves to their audience.

This is a fantastic illustration from The Apartment Therapy channel. It includes their value-added offer (Own Your Home), and a great call to the action (Subscribe to …), and is filled with clips that provide viewers with a glimpse of what to expect

What you’ll discover when you use channels trailers is they have thousands of ideas. However, you’ll need only one in the video. In that regard, there’s an alternative to a channel trailer with a specific purpose. Instead, you could use the videos that convert the highest number of users on your channel. It’s a great trailer as it’s been proved to work for your viewers.

7. Make sure you are taking YouTube SEO seriously

It’s time to take SEO, also known as search engine optimization or SEO, seriously on YouTube. YouTube platform. It is the second-largest search engine in the world. Furthermore, the majority of creators begin their journey on YouTube through the discovery of content via search. This implies extensive research of keywords into your subject to discover what people are looking for.

It is possible to add keywords to the video title, description, as well as tags for videos in the event that you would like to. Try to incorporate keywords into the language of your video content since YouTube is listening and watching everything you post on YouTube.

These can be considered marginal; however, remember this. If you’re a YouTube channel with 100 subscribers, compared to another channel that has 100 members, would you prefer to be the one who gives YouTube the most information about your content as you can? Or, the channel that’s uploading content onto YouTube and hoping that it will be noticed?

Keyword research is a major subject of study, So here’s a deeper dive:

8. Find Your Pain Points Right Now

Every artist faces challenges that hinder their achievement. These challenges can include:

Thumbnails that don’t make it to the click-bait list

Keyword research that isn’t reflected in what the type of information people are looking for

Re-shooting scenes are required when you are comfortable with the camera

Find your pain points and face them in the face. The longer you avoid your pain point, the less solid the foundation of your channel on YouTube will become.

You don’t need to tackle every single issue in one go. Find out what is slowing your channel down most. In the majority of cases, at this stage in the creator’s journey, it’s thumbnails.

Whatever the issue, you should spend an hour each time working to improve that issue by 1percent. If you begin to see improvement on something now, after two or three years, you’ll be looking back on where the videos were in the first place and think, “Yeah, that was terrible. The thumbnails were awful; however, I’m happy they’re looking like this today since I’m seeing a higher view-through-rate and more clicks.”

9. Be curious. Be an innovative YouTube Creator.

Are you looking to gain 1,000 subscribers? Be a bit eccentric. You can do things that you normally wouldn’t do.

In the majority of cases, you must provide the right content to your users and make thumbnails that are consistent. There’s no harm in trying new things. If you don’t experiment with the new trends and you don’t be able to determine if there’s a fresh trend worth your attention. A certain image that defies logic but appeals to a particular segment of the population.

Through our PewDiePie against T-Series video, we tried out different types of content, and it was a huge success. What many viewers don’t realize was that it did not impact our regular vidIQ content. We posted much educational and educational content and the PewDiePie opposed to T-Series content was between 10% and 15 percent of what we produced in the year 2019. These videos earned millions of views and tens of thousands of subscribers. Many have stayed. We had 450,000 subscribers and had more than 30 million hits.

After the PewDiePie and T-Series story is over and we’ve been able to revisit? Our core value proposition. Helping you navigate your journey on YouTube. The only difference is that for 20 percent all the time, we’ll try to amuse you throughout the journey.

10. Engage Your YouTube Audience

The viewers won’t all watch your videos until they are finished. The likelihood is that your audience retention is less, and they will not finish 30 to 50 percent of your content. It’s not the worst news all the time, however. A 100 percent retention rate is uncommon. What you should be focusing on the most is increasing the percentage of your viewers or whatever percentage you want to increase as time passes. If more viewers find your content pleasing, they’ll be more likely YouTube will suggest your content to users.

Beyond that, reach out to the members who are at the heart of your community using three methods:

Engage your community members by creating polls or GIFs to the Community Tab

Respond to comments on the video

Talk to viewers in chat during live streaming

As you get older as a viewer, you’ll have some who are more than just subscribers. They’ll become your super-fans and you’ll be expected to reciprocate that same enthusiasm and loyalty.

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How to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers